Olavi Airaksinen's experience and guidance is sought by many researchers and institutions around the world. He has published over 172 original, peer reviewed articles in indexed international journals and has many other written contributions.

One direction of his research is the Surface EMG and in assisting the development of new technology that involves biofeedback. His expertise is sought by many entrepreneurial efforts and Olavi is intensely involved with several commercial projects as a key collaborative partner.

Mega Electronics

For the Horizon 20-20 project, Olavi works in close collaboration with Mega Electronics, a Finnish biotechnology company with a focus on Electromyography.


Olavi has been acting as the country co-ordinator for the Women UP project, a Horizon 20-20 initiative focusing on urinary incontinence in Women with the goal of developing a biofeedback device to help the patient control their muscle functions.


Olavi leads a collaboration of scientists from Peking First University Hospital in Beijing, Hangzhou University, Harvard University and Kuopio University to find new diagnostic & pre-diagnostic tools for Parkinson's disease through EMG signal analysis.


Olavi collaborates with Michael Schaclock's Neurodynamic Solutions, recently being involved with two prestigious research awards, in conjunction with Marinko Rade (Croatia), for developing a new, non-invasive way to measure neurodynamics in conscious, healthy humans.

Ice Power

Olavi consults for Ice Power, a Finnish company producing a cooling gel that is used to relieve pain and inflammation from common sports soft tissue injuries.



He is also involved in the development of the Myontec's Mbody series of trousers which can provide feedback on muscle balance and activation through surface electrodes that are integrated into worn fabric.


Olavi provides expert opinions for the administration & approval of Pharmaceutecal research in Finland, having acted as the country co-ordinator for more than 50 clinical trials, including companies such as PfizerMSDGSK and Mundipharma, and conducting clinical research for discovering new treatments for pain management.